Bomac was founded in 1984 by the engineers who originally created the Altrac product range. While a newer generation of engineers now manage the day-to-day operation of the business, the company’s founders are still involved at arms-length, acting as mentors and consultants. This helps ensure consistency and product integrity, as well as encouraging continuous innovation.

The company has been trading for over 30 years, and you can be sure that Bomac engineers will be available in future to address any questions or concerns you may have. The standard products meet most needs and are designed for the purchaser to install and extend as needed. All new product research and development is done in-house.

This website highlights some of the standard products offered by Bomac, but is not a comprehensive list. Contact Bomac to discuss a system to meet your specific needs.

Bomac materials handling products are used in many industries including manufacturing, automotive, mining, and food and beverage processing. Altrac cranes and height safety systems can be found across all states and territories in Australia: Victoria - VIC, New South Wales - NSW, Western Australia - WA, South Australia - SA, Queensland - QLD, Tasmania - TAS and in New Zealand - NZ.

Altrac has been exported to many regions around the world including Oceania, Middle East, Asia, Europe and the US. Please contact Bomac directly to enquire about suppliers in these locations.


Tate McFarlane


Engineering Director

Tate McFarlane is the engineering director of Bomac Engineering. Having graduated from Monash University Tate has worked overseas in various countries. With over 10 years of experience within his field Tate uses his knowledge and expertise to guide clients from a problem to an effective solution. Tate is passionate about manufacturing and loves to see the Altrac name used across a wide variety of industries.


Graduate Engineer

Fred joined our team in early 2022 after finalising his Master's Degree in the engineering field and gaining experience working in other small businesses. Fred has a hand in everything on the engineering side of the business from writing quotes, to creating customer's drawings. He is also hands-on in the workshop, assisting with research and design, physical testing of products and onsite installation. Fred also has an interest in continuous improval of processes and procedures, making the office-workshop communication more effecient. 

Michael Renfrey


Head Fabricator

Michael Renfrey, started his apprenticeship as a boiler maker at Bomac in 2007, Michael was trained to high standards and pushed to improve constantly. He successfully completed his apprenticeship in 2011. Now he strives to improve the products at Bomac, increasing quality and decreasing manufacturing time to offer customers a product of value that he is proud of.


Administrative Officer

Sonia ensures orders are processed in a timely manner from PO through to dispatch. She brings a great positive energy to the team with her friendly nature and customer service experience. 



Bomac has been had a long standing relationship with Konecranes chain hoist cranes they are suitable for many different industrial and specialist applications. Whether you need a workstation crane, an overhead travelling crane, or a jib crane, Konecraneschain hoist cranes are ideal every time
These European vacuum lifting devices are used across a variety of applications to lift boxes, sacks, drums, sheet metal, computers, crates, barrels, TVs and much more. We have a strong relationship with Vaculex and their excellent product.