Altrac Products

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Bomac's Flagship product is Altrac, a lightweight, low-maintenance, attractive, adaptable and safety tested rail system that can be tailored to almost any application.

The T slots along the top of the rail allow brackets to be easily attached and adjusted on the spot during installation. The track can also be easily extended with the extension kit.

StrongBac, StrongBack, aluminium rail, aluminum rail

StrongBac is used in conjunction with Altrac to make an even stronger system for the user. 

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Any maintenance is easily identifiable as Trac trolleys run externally on Altrac - not hidden and held captive by enclosed track thus requiring removal for inspection.


Less than 0.5% rolling resistance enables you to move the load without strain. Less effort required than beam/enclosed track systems.

Low profile UB clamp, Low profile Universal beam clamp, flange clamp
  • Modular design allows for quick and easy installation
  • T-slots in the extrusion allow for easy alignment of the bracket for precise location
  • Extensive range of standard brackets available to accommodate your needs
  • Brackets can be retro fitted if required along with many other ancillary items
Altrac bend, Aluminium bend, aluminum bend, Aluminium curve, Aluminum curve
  • Provides layout flexibility
  • Standard bends can be rolled to various angles to suit your layout
  • Can be combined with Altrac, switches and turnouts
Altrac switch, two way switch, rail switch, monorail switch, rail switches

Used in conjunction with standardised Trac Trolley Stops, Holdbacks and Anti-runback devices, solutions can be engineered from this range of equipment.

  • Powered, manual or combination
  • Storage retrieval system
  • Bypass and transfer
  • Accumulation sorting
  • Flow through FIFO
  • Multi-Lane Selection

Right or left hand switch

Altrac turnout, rail turnout, 0 radius track turn, rail cross road
  • Zero turn radius for tight design areas
  • The modular design approach allows for simple future expansions or modifications
  • Operational control can range from simple manual to semi-automatic PLC Systems
  • All Altrac switches and turnouts incorporate integral fail-safe stops to prevent accidental dislodgement of the Trac Trolley