• Low profile UB clamp, Low profile Universal beam clamp, flange clamp
  • Two hole hanger bracket, T-mount bracket
  • Single hole hanger bracket
  • Splice Kit
  • Splice Kit
  • Splice Kit
  • Adjustable UB Clamp. Adjustable Universal beam clamp
  • Concrete mount, Concrete ceiling mount
  • Medium heavy duty mount lug, Aluminium rail mount bracket


The key to the complete Altrac system is ease of assembly by using the range of standard brackets and mountings, plus the provision of T Slots in the extruded track section allow for the use of captive nut fasteners. The slots give unlimited scope for positioning of suspension brackets and mounting locations. This also provides easy mounting of ancillary equipment such as collector rails, catenary systems, electrical equipment, air lines and fittings.

A full range of structural brackets is available to easily and safely install and support the system. All that is required is a 13mm spanner, a pop riveter and a portable drill. The system, being lightweight and modular, can be quickly and easily installed allowing for future modification, extension or relocation.

All brackets and fixtures are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Fasteners are grade 8.8.  Brackets and mountings are supplied complete with rivets (where necessary) bolts, nuts and washers. For additional protection particularly in outdoor environments brackets may be E-coated and powder coated. E-coated bolts are also available.

Bomac has the capability to design in house custom brackets to meet your requirements.

Bomac Engineering products comply with Australian safety codes, including Australian Crane Code AS1418.


  • Modular design allows for quick and easy installation
  • T-slots in the extrusion allow for easy alignment of the bracket for precise location
  • Extensive range of standard brackets available to accommodate your needs
  • Brackets can be retro fitted if required along with many other ancillary items
  • Various bolt on brackets and joint kits mean no onsite welding

Technical Specification

  • AT-01 - Splice kit (required to join lengths of Altrac) 
  • AT-02 - Two Hole Hanger Kit
  • AT-11 - Low-profile UB Clamp
  • AT-24 - Concrete Ceiling Mount
  • AT-28 - Scaffolding Mounting Kit
  • AT-64 - Adjustable UB Clamp - Accommodates horizontal and pitched UB sections ranging from 200UB-410UB
  • AT-78 - Thermal Expansion Kit
  • All bolts that connect the brackets to the Altrac use M8 Gr8.8 bolts

Product Applications