• Altrac bend, Aluminium bend, aluminum bend, Aluminium curve, Aluminum curve
  • Curved rail, bent rail, rolled rail


90 and 180 degree bends

1000mm radius includes straight section each end for splice joint.

Bends can be supplied at various included angles for a smooth system that can deviate around obstacles or follow the path of a particular structure.

Please note custom rollings for angles and radii greater than 1000mm available upon request

Standard straight sections of Altrac are not suitable for Post Forming


  • Provides layout flexibility
  • Standard bends can be rolled to various angles to suit your layout
  • Can be combined with Altrac, switches and turnouts

Technical Specification

  • Standard radius - 1000mm x 90 degree and 180 degree
  • Standard straight leg length on 90 degree bend is 340mm both ends
  • Standard straight leg length on 180 degree bend is 680mm on both ends
  • Standard bends should be supported every 45 degrees due to offset loading

Product Applications