Freestanding Gantry Crane - Workshop Maintenance

Altrac gantry with Strongbac for lifting a variety of heavy items


As a general maintenance workshop this customer was dealing with a wide range of problems on a day to day basis. While maintenance can be planned it can also involve unexpected jobs when sudden breakdowns occur. The need to be able to handle the task quickly and efficiently while not placing your employees at risk in such cases is key. With breakdowns you never know what you will be handling next, something large or small, sometimes you will need to strip down an assembled part, machine new parts or weld on replacement parts. Usually such breakdowns require immediate attention and there are time pressures placed on everyone which is usually when accidents occur. Strained backs and damaged goods never make the job quicker. Our customer therefore wanted the ability to address all these issues in a logical and safe manner. There was also heating and cooling facilities in the room and the welding bay was enclosed with one welding curtain entrance. All this need to be taken into consideration as well.


Having a workshop with assembly benches, mills, lathes, saws, presses and a welding bay meant there was a large area to cover. After some investigation we were able to determine that the customer would not be handling anything more than 650kg. In order to maximise lifting height and keep costs down the crane was designed with freestanding columns either side tied back to the main structure. This allowed us to provide a wide spanning cross travel rail combined with an electric hoist which could cover all the critical areas at a 750kg capacity. Such a solution allowed the end user the flexibility and ease to move large jobs around the workshop to the workstations required, without risk to their safety, in an efficient manner.


Unexpected breakdowns will always occur but now the customer has a solution which gives them peace of mind and relieves the time pressures and risk involved in undertaking such a task. Downtime has been reduced, output has increased and the risk of injury has significantly decreased. The workshop crew are happy that they have a solution that is easy to use and eliminates health and safety risks that were present before. This is truly a win-win situation for both the company and their staff who works for them. 


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