Freestanding Inverted Jib Crane - Reel handling

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When new label printing machines were installed it was not envisaged that handling the reels of material would become a problem. But as demand increased so did the size of the reel being loaded onto the machine. Now the reels were becoming too heavy to handle and a solution was needed. However with such a low floating ceiling and no significant structure in the roof to mount from the solution seemed daunting.  


Meeting all the requirements for this application was going to be difficult, however with the use of an inverted jib crane and a close coupled electric hoist the result desired could be achieved. Not only did the system function within this limited head space there was further room for the reel to be enlarged should the opportunity present itself.


The customer and employees are now happier knowing the operators do not have to lift heavy reels to and from the machine, especially in such a limited space. Change over times for the reels has decreased dramatically due to the ease and simplicity of the system and the client has not had to make modifications to the building, such as lifting or removing a section of the roof. This Altrac system has now made a difficult area a safer and happier place for employees to work.


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Product Application: 
Jib crane