Freestanding Jib - 1 Worker Doing the Job of 4

Jib crane for cabinetry workshop


A cabinet-making customer, Andave Cabinets, came to us wanting to improve the safety and speed of their current manufacturing process.

At the beginning of each day, the customer would physically lay out the materials required for the projects to be built that day. The materials would then be moved from the layout area to the CNC manufacturing area as needed throughout the day. 

The space to be covered was quite large, but the installation options were minimal as there was stock storage racking up against a concrete wall.


Bomac created for this customer a long reaching (5m)Altrac jib crane with a custom-designed mount that nestled into the current racking area without compromising the storage space but while still allowing access to all required areas of the workshop.

The Vaculex vacuum lifter supplied by Bomac will allow the cabinet makers to pick up and move a variety of sizes, shapes and types of material up to 160kg.

The Altrac crane has allowed this customer to work smarter and safer without changing the manufacturing process, the layout or even requiring extra infrastructure other than the crane itself.


The engineers at Bomac are particularly proud of this practical solution.

Andrew Byrnes, Director at Andave Cabinets explained to Bomac’s Engineering Director, Tate McFarlane, the cost saving that this system has ultimately given them. “The movement of large heavy sheets would typically take 3 if not 4 men to physically and manually manhandle into place, disrupting workflow in other areas. With the Altrac system in place these same sheets are managed by 1 person without disrupting others, saving time, improving productivity and positively affecting the bottom line.”

Byrnes also told McFarlane that they selected this option over cheaper quotes provided by competitors for a number of reasons.“For one thing, I did not like the idea of an enclosed track system,” said Byrnes, “I was also impressed with the 2 year warranty offered by Bomac.”

“Additionally, the professional way that they handled the quote process and explained exactly how they planned to solve our problem gave me confidence in the Altrac products, the engineers handling my project, and the company itself. Not just now, but also into the future.”

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