Stainless Steel Jib – A Clean Solution for Food Manufacturing

stainless steel jib crane


Murray Goulburn dairy manufacturing needed to access a 3T motor in a milk powder drying facility. The large, heavy cables were in the way and made it difficult to access the motor when needed. However, the entire interior of the silo is involved in spraying milk and drying it into powder so any equipment located inside it needed to be food grade quality.


Bomac Engineering was able to manufacture a jib crane to easily move the thick, heavy cabling aside to access the motor. The entire body of the jib is stainless steel. The trolley and electric chain hoist body were finished with e-coating, and all other components (nuts, bolts, wheels, etc) were stainless steel, creating a fully food grade quality crane.


The motor can now be accessed easily and quickly for regular inspection as well as repair as needed with minimal down time and without compromising food safety or sterility of the environment.

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Stainless Steel Jib Crane