Twin Gantry Crane with Battery Hoists – Clean, Safe and Cost Effective for Dairy Industry

Two side by side gantry cranes in dairy manufacturing


Murray Goulburn manufacturing in Cobram needed to move 25kg bags of powdered whey through the manufacturing line and to quality control areas with weight check and metal detection. The bags needed to be kept upright as some were opened for quality inspection and some did not heat seal properly. These had to be taken back to the beginning of the line to go through the heat seal and quality control process again. This was all being done manually by workers even though the bags were heavy and awkward to move.


Bomac designed and installed two side-by-side gantry cranes for maximum coverage of the duplicate processing lines. A chain hoist with a special clamp was devised to hold the bags upright as they were moved. Battery chain hoists were chosen to avoid cabling running along the system, which could potentially collect dust or other containments.


Workers can now move the bags quickly and easily without putting their backs at risk. 

Cost was reduced by utilising a chain hoist solution instead of vacuum lifters. A secondary advantage of the battery hoists is that if one breaks down, the other can be quickly moved from one line to the other to continue with the work in progress.

Due to the light weight of Altrac, the entire system was able to be installed to existing infrastructure, saving the customer money, making the installation quick with minimal disruption and without adding any unnecessary surfaces that could compromise the clean environment. 

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Food Manufacturing, Dairy
Product Application: 
Gantry Crane, Battery Hoist