Mobitrac - Motor and pump removal

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This was a large industrial site with many pumps and motors located all around the work area. In most cases these items were located in areas difficult to access due to bunting, head height restrictions or width restrictions. The objects were too heavy to move by hand. To address each individual item with a dedicated lifting solution would have been a massive investment in time and money.


The Mobi-Trac Dynamic model with its infinitely variable height and width adjustment meant the system could adapt to the requirements of the individual lifting operations. With the infinite variability in both dimensions, it was not a case of one fixing position being too high while the other fixing position is too low. As the Mobi-Trac unit is demountable it could be transported to various site areas or left erected and wheeled into place, providing the operators a range of options to address the situation.


The customer now has one piece of equipment that fulfils all requirements, has addressed safety needs, and saved a considerable sum of money and time. Mobi-Trac created a win-win situation for the company and their employees.


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