Stainless Steel Chain Hoist for Food Grade Manufacturing

Friday, October 13, 2017 - 11:30
Media/News Updates

The Altrac system in combination with a food grade chain hoist is the perfect solution for food manufacturers needing to lift and move within the clean environment.

Food grade manufacturing environments present a different set of challenges than many other types of production. 

The system must not be able to trap dust and grime. Wherever possible, non-corrosive, chip-resistant materials and coatings should be used. Of course, all components must also be free of heavy chemicals. 

Bomac can supply its customers with an electric hoist that has a stainless steel load hook, hook suspension, chain and chain guides. The hoist body is cast aluminium that has been E-coated. 

This can be used in conjunction with Altrac trolleys that have a zinc plated and E-coated mild steel chassis with stainless steel components.

The curved rolling surface of the Altrac means there is no build up or entrapment of dirt on the rolling surfaces. 

When using a system that complies with food grade requirements, the customer does not have to worry about food contamination or corrosion occurring in their manufacturing area. This allows them to get on with the job and have peace of mind knowing they have safe and reliable equipment to do the heavy lifting.

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