Roof Mounted Fall Arrest - Truck Maintenance

Height safety rail for maintaining trucks and rigs


This truck repair company needed to address the safety issue they had when tankers came in for repairs or modifications. The workers were being exposed to a fall hazard when working on top of the tankers. With minimum fall drop between the top of the truck and the concrete floor the solution needed to ensure, should a fall occur, the required stated clearance between the ground and the system user be at least 1m.


Looking at this problem a straight length of Altrac in the centre of the truck bay was the correct application for this situation. A wire rope system would have not provided enough clearance in the event of a fall and there was no significant structure to mount the line to. Beams were mounted from one wall and supported off the existing portal frame at the other end.


All trucks are now able to be worked on from heights with the user being protected in the case of a fall. The user can feel safe in the knowledge that even if they are to fall the Altrac and supporting structure will not deflect significantly and put them in a situation where they could come into contact with the ground.


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Product Application: 
Fall arrest