Freestanding Monorail - Motorised Trolley Carriage

Motorised trolley on aluminium monorail crane


In this application the customer wanted to move heavy fabrications from the welding bay to the paint bay area as the final process. The customer also required the unit be motorised as the area between two bays was a driveway entrance therefore the control of this travel motion was a critical safety requirement. The driveway entrance also dictated that there was a span of 8m between supports and with a maximum weight of 1000kg this application provided some unique challenges


Using an Altrac/StrongBac custom configuration we were able to achieve the 8m span as required by the customer. We also used our motorised trolley combined with an electric chain hoist to lift and move these heavy units from one bay to the other.


Using the motorised carriage and Altrac/StrongBac combination meant we were able to meet the span requirements of this application and provide a solution that was safe and increased productivity. Previously the customer had been using a forklift to manoeuvre the metal fabrications from one area to the other combining pedestrian traffic and forklift, a situation which has the potential to end in disaster. 


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