Vacuum lifter – Lifting awkwardly shaped big bottles of wine with less damage

Custom vacuum lifting foot for 25kg bottles of wine


The customer Big Bottle Wine needed to unpack and move 9L bottles of wine. They received the bottles tightly packed in wooden crates, making it awkward for workers to lift the 25kg. They were packed too tightly to reach arms in and lift from the base, and the neck of the bottle could be difficult to grip and hold for lifting.


Bomac custom-designed a vacuum lifting foot that attached perfectly over the neck of the bottle. Glass provides an excellent surface for vacuum lifting, so it was a matter of creating the right shape for the specific items.


The customer now suffers less damaged stock. The workers can move the bottles much more quickly and efficiently, and with less risk of injury from trying to manhandle the awkward items.


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Wine Production, Materials Handling
Product Application: 
Custom Vacuum Foot