Gantry Crane - Maximising space with a low headroom gantry

low headroom gantry and close coupled hoist offer maximum space


An advanced specialist manufacturer came to Bomac with the issue of needing to lift engine parts and specialist equipment for maintenance and quality control inspection. The parts were cumbersome, heavy, and difficult to handle in such a tight workspace. The workspace had a standard office ceiling height, presenting incredibly low headroom to work within.

Workers were manually lifting and manoeuvring heavy items in the space, potentially risking their own health and safety as well as risking damage to the items.


Bomac designed and manufactured an Altrac low headroom bridge gantry with the cross travel rail tucked up into the long travel rails for maximum height. A special close-couple bracket between the electric hoist and Trac Trolleys also allowed for maximum height when lifting items.

The Altrac crane still maintained its free-running capabilities, meaning the cross travel could be pulled from end to end without needing to be square, and with minimal effort on the part of the users.


By optimising use of the very limited space, Bomac was able to help its customer reduce downtime for maintenance and inspection purposes. The risk to workers and risk of damage to items was also reduced.  This outcome was achieved without losing the benefits offered by an Altrac system, particularly without compromising its ease of use. 

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Product Application: 
Gantry Crane, Electric Hoist