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As a valued client of Bomac Engineering you receive a twelve month warranty on all the products you have purchased from us.

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Warranty Statement

  1. Replacement of Defective Material
    Any parts which show faulty workmanship or material will be repaired or replaced without charge, FOT Company’s Works, provided such defects develop under normal and proper use within twelve months after date of shipment and provided purchaser shall give notice in writing to the Company and a chance to inspect such defects before repairing or altering the product in any way. The Company may require that the product be returned at the expense of the purchaser to the Company’s Works for the performance of any repairs required hereunder. The correction of such defects by repair or replacement by the Company shall constitute a fulfilment of its obligation to the purchaser. No claims for labour, transport or damages will be allowed.
  2. Non-liability for Damaged Apparatus
    The Company will not be responsible for or liable for any damage resulting from improper storage or handling prior to placing the apparatus in service and will not assume any responsibility expense or liability for repairs made outside its Works without proper written consent.
  3. Contingent Liability
    The Company will not be responsible for or liable in any way for consequent damage or contingent liability.
  4. Improper Use
    The company will not, in any circumstances, be responsible for or liable in any way for any loss or damage to persons or property arising from use of the product for any purpose other than that for which the product was specifically designed.
  5. Inspection
    Proper inspection and maintenance of the system must occur for the warranty to be valid. Inspection must be undertaken by an approved Bomac supplier that is considered to be a competent person in accordance with the Australian standards. Any inspection not undertaken in accordance with this warranty will void the warranty


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